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Lake and kuntta


KUNTTA AND LAKE, TRUE NATURE OF FINLAND The property presents a taste of original Finnish nature in the form of a gorgeous small lake and natural kuntta. The sloped property is embraced by beautiful green kuntta fields helping the buildings blend into the scenic landscape. The beautiful lake that runs along the whole south part of the property, is unpolluted and clean, inviting

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INSPIRING MODERN SAUNA DESIGN The true world of original Sauna can authentically only be experienced in Finland, the land where it was born. The heat sessions in Sauna are known to reduce stress, flush toxins, cleanse our skin and even improve our cardiovascular performance. Villa Glass House offers a traditional Finnish Sauna with a wood burning stove in a separate gorgeous Sauna Glass




EXTRA ROOMS OF THE HOUSE, THE PERFECT TERRACES WAITING FOR YOU The life in the first-class wooden Villa and the Sauna continues on the two integrated large panorama terraces facing the lake and South. Leave behind the city, rush, traffic, schedules, forget time. Sit in total silence and peace, listen with all your senses, catch the feeling of being part of the glamorous




CONTEMPORARY WOODEN VILLA WITH BEAUTIFUL GLASS WALLS The modern Villa sits high above the lake, watching majestetically over the beautiful lakefront scenery. The black Finnish Design hideaway made out of wood and glass blends into the natures colors and follows the rocky sloped shapes of the land. On a sunny day, the elegant Villa facing south bathes all day in the sunlight, capturing




LANDSCAPE AND NATURE A PART OF THE INTERIOR Minimalistic Scandinavian interior design is simply present inside all rooms of the villa. Furniture, colours, materials, and atmosphere – they all reflect today’s desires for combining pragmatic design into plain luxury. Wall to wall and floor to ceiling windows bring light inside taking the nature to become part of the interior.

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