Clean air


Take a deep breath and fill your lungs with fresh, clean air. Finland is one of the countries that has highest tree coverage in the world. 73% of Finland is covered with forests, with green trees acting as lungs for our planet, cleaning the air for you and me.

Together with trees, environmental responsibility and distant location at North of Europe, Finland is able to offer some of the cleanest air on our planet with least pollution.

Nature available for all


By law, all nature is available for everyone in Finland. These everyman’s rights are unique in the world; giving everybody the right to enjoy nature, regardless of the ownerships of the land.


Naturally everyman’s rights do not allow for disturbing neighbour peace or nature. It allows you to move freely by foot, skis, bicycle or horse in woods, pastures, waterways. It let’s you pick berries, mushrooms and unprotected plants, swim and sail, even walk on ice. All this is allowed as long as you do it responsibly and don’t harm the nature or cause disturbance.

Pure water


Finland is the land of thousands of lakes. Due to large forests, clean air and strict environmental protection policies, the water in Finland is among the cleanest in the world. Many lakes offer water good enough for drinking, however it is not recommendable, that you drink straight from a lake.

Clean water means clean fish. Finland has some 100+ different fish species that are available for fishing after the acquisition of fishing permit.



Finland is one of the safest countries in the world. Honesty and reliability are part of Finnish culture. Location on solid, non volcanic bedrock, far from tropical seas and storms keeps Finland safe from natural disasters.

Democratically elected government and uncorrupt justice system with reliable police help keeping crime rates low. You can rely on Finlands high standard medical care system that is available free for all EU citizens, not leaving anyone in need unattended.

Discrimination is not allowed. By law all people are equal regardless of sex, religion, race or political opinion. Finland is known from high degree of general education level; you can get by with English in virtually every place.